Managed Kubernetes

What is Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes is an opportunity to use the technology advantages — with no risks and hardships of an independent deployment. The service suggests development, setup and deployment of Kubernetes clusters, able to perform any tasks on any platforms. Managed Kubernetes is suitable for both start-ups and small businesses, as well as for large businesses. GTSolutions engineers will not only take care of clusters’ creation and configuration – they’ll engage in clusters’ development and support.


Contemporary applications are more and more often built with the use of containers: microservices packed with their dependencies and configurations. Kubernetes (K8s) is the open source code software, developed to deploy and manage these containers in scale.

Kubernetes eases the process of declarative setup and automation. It can be used for applications’ deployment, scaling and stability improvement — even in hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

Why do you need Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes provides an opportunity to plan and deploy container applications, as well as to scale them to а desired state and to manage their lifecycle

In the framework of Managed Kubernetes service GTSolutions takes responsibility for successful setup and operations of K8s. We can engage in just targeted support or general hosting and operations