How to change the instance type of EC2 Machine

WS instance types determine the particular configuration of the CPU, memory and networking capacity of the host computer used for your instances. You may find that you need to change your instance type at some point, such as if your instances are being overused or underused, in which case you would want to change the size accordingly. This article describes how to change your running On Demand instance type to a different type (for example, from m1.large to c3.xlarge).


Any data on the ephemeral storage of your instances will be lost when stopping an instance. Additionally, note that starting or stopping an instance can cause the administrator password in your application’s web UI to reset to the instance ID.


  1. Ensure that all data is backed up.
  2. Stop your instance by clicking Actions > Instance State > Stop
  1. Once your instance has stopped change the instance type by clicking Actions > Instance Settings > Change Instance Type
  1. From the drop down menu select the instance type that you would like to change to.

Note: You cannot upgrade an m3 instance type to any m4 instance type if EBS optimization was not enabled for the original m3 instance. For example changing from an m3.xlarge instance type without EBS optimization to an m4.large instance type (in which EBS optimization cannot be disabled) would cause you to receive an error message like the following: For more information see this Amazon article on EBS Optimization

  1. Start your instance by clicking Actions >Instance State > Start
  2. If using an Elastic IP reassociate itto your instance by doing the following:

a) Use the AWS interface to reassign the Elasticto yourinstance.

b) Navigate to AWS Elastic IP menu.

c) Select the IP address and associate address with your instance.

If you are not using an Elastic IP update the <server_name> section in /opt/aspera/etc/aspera.conf with the host name or Public DNSof the new instance.

  1. Ifyour product hasShares or Consoleenabled ensure that your web UI appears in a browser.Note: It may take several minutes for your web UI to be available online.
  2. Your instance type has been changed. Please do a test transfer to ensure that everything is working as expected.
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