CI/CD As Service

As a part of its DevOps consulting on continuous integration and continuous delivery, GTSolutions helps clients maintain strict control throughout the SDLC by automating product tests, deployment, and code management.

Targets of CI/CD DevOps Services:

  • Shorten release lifecycle
  • Shorten mean time to repair
  • Ensure effortless deployment.

Approaches to Accomplishing CI/CD DevOps Services:

  • Build config as a code
  • Employ disposable, ephemeral agents
  • Prevent downtime during releases
  • Separate CI and CD
  • Manage artifacts.

Frameworks and Tools for CI/CD DevOps Services:

  • Scalable CI
  • Seamless decomposition and parallel running
  • Automatic code review and reporting
  • Cloud-agnostic tools (including Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, TravisCI, Concourse, GitLab CI, and Bitbucket Pipelines)
  • Cloud-native tools (including AWS CodePipeline, Google Cloud Build, and Azure DevOps).