AWS EC2 Machine – SSH Disconnecting – Timeout connection

Assuming your Amazon EC2 instance is running Linux (and the very likely case that you are using SSH-2, not 1), the following should work pretty handily:

  1. Remote into your EC2 instance.ssh -i <YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE>.pem <INTERNET_ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_INSTANCE>
  2. Add a “client-alive” directive to the instance’s SSH-server configuration file.echo 'ClientAliveInterval 60' | sudo tee --append /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  3. Restart or reload the SSH server, for it to recognize the configuration change.
    • The command for that on Ubuntu Linux would be..sudo service ssh restart
    • On any other Linux, though, the following is probably correct..sudo service sshd restart
  4. Disconnect.logout

The next time you SSH into that EC2 instance, those super-annoying frequent connection freezes/timeouts/drops should hopefully be gone.

This is also helps with Google Compute Engine instances, which come with similarly annoying default settings.

Warning: Do note that TCPKeepAlive settings (which also exist) are subtly, yet distinctly different from the ClientAlive settings that I propose above, and that changing TCPKeepAlive settings from the default may actually hurt your situation rather than help.

More info here:

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